Parts and Warehousing

One Call has an extensive backup inventory of all parts needed for your renovation. Each kit is delivered to our warehouse, broken down, add missing items, re-packaged, and transported to site by our team members.

OCC has a total of 85,000 SF of warehouse space throughout the Western, United States. This allows us to place an order and keep it stocked from the time we receive a notification for renovation.


One Call has an advanced reporting system that we provide to our customers. These reports are updated in real-time and provide critical information regarding your renovation. Our clients can track how many units we are currently renovating, upcoming take dates, time spent in units, and average turn time. Our system keeps all parties accountable through transparency, and data.

Plumbing and Electrical

One Call is a licensed plumber in the state of WA and CO. We are also a licensed Electrician in the state of WA. If your jurisdiction requires a licensed electrician to replace parts and fixtures, One Call is here to help. You do not want to be subject to expensive fines, which are passed to the property owners and or management team, for what you may have thought was routine maintenance.


One Call further controls our schedule by doing our tub, surround, and counter tops resurfacing in-house


One Call has its own quartz fabrication facilities in Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest. This allows us to do all our fabrication/installation in-house, saving you time and money.

Floor Covering

One Call has a large stock of flooring products stored in our regional warehouses. Our in-house flooring team can accommodate the tight schedules we create, saving valuable time from using a third-party.